Studio 52 is an ardent producer of Safety and Training Videos for the Oil and Gas industry

A strong safety culture is particularly important in the oil and gas industry due to its nature of undertaking high-risk activities. Studio 52 helps enhance this safety culture by our strength in video communication

How can we develop safety culture through video?

There is no one formula that fits all. To create a safety culture, we got to repeatedly and innovatively communicate with the audience in a way that they absorb the message and implement safe work practice voluntarily. Key tools for developing such mindset are as follows.

Safety Induction Video

LessonsLearnt Videos

3D Animation Videos

2D Animation Videos

Dramatized Videos

Equipment Handling Videos

News Videos

Testimonial Videos

Videos are high visibility tool. It doesn’t just help enhance Safety Culture, there are plenty of other reasons why Safety Videos are very advantageous.


to the Good safety is good business. You reflect your commitment towards safety world

Standardizationof message

Eases off pressure from the trainers. Audience receives uniform message as approved by the management.


Audience gets familiar with actual real-life location, eliminating guess work

Multilingual communication

Break the language barrier by dubbing and translation in multiple languages


Employees feels aware and respected, resulting in job satisfaction                      

Air Connectivity

Home to 3 international airlines such as Emirates, Etihad Airlines, Air Arabia

Sunshine all
year round

Country enjoys 360 days of Sunshine throughout the year

Modern Infrastructure

Fantastic Road and Infrastructure

Short Distance

From Mountain, to Desert to Modern Infrastructure, you can get there within 45 minutes!

Cash Rebate

Abu Dhabi offers 30% cash rebate incentives for film productions


Models, Actors, Musicians to Production and Post Production staff and facilities, it's all available in UAE.

How does Studio 52 help improve safety?

According to researchers, visual cues helps in adding structure to the information. Videos also stimulates emotional side of human brain that helps in learning and retention of key information. Studio 52 is a script-to-screen media production company focused on training and development. We produce videos that stick in the memory of viewers, making a significant contribution to the reduction of incident rates

We operate in the UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and Kuwait.

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