8 Reasons Why UAE is the Perfect Place for Your Next Film Production

5 Feb


8 Reasons Why UAE is the Perfect Place for Your Next Film Production

The UAE is rapidly becoming a popular filming destination among production companies with its diverse landscape, an amalgamation of historical and modern attractions, and world-class infrastructure. The UAE also offers generous government incentives for production companies, making it an ideal location for filming. However, filmmakers often face a problem of oversight on the legal applications and permits for filming. We have prepared a comprehensive guide addressing these concerns and explaining why UAE continues to be a priority choice for global filmmakers.  


8 Great Reasons to Choose UAE as Your Next Shoot Destination

The country offers the best of both worlds: an opportunity for filmmakers to explore their creative side while setting up their production in an environment that can accommodate all needs. If you are looking for a filming location, here’s why you need to choose UAE for your next film production. 

1. UAE has a Vast Range of Natural Beauty

When shooting outdoors, filmmakers can take advantage of the expansive natural beauty of the Emirates by choosing from more than 7 million square kilometres of untouched wilderness — enough space to capture almost any shot imaginable. And since production costs are lower than in many other countries due to tax incentives, filming in this part of the world makes it easier for you to do what you do best: create beautiful films!

Miracle Garden picture

2. Largest Variety of Locations in the Middle East

The United Arab Emirates is the largest country in the Middle East and one of the most culturally diverse countries in this region. It’s also a federation of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Ras al-Khaimah.

All these emirates have their unique landscapes; therefore, you can find anything from desert landscapes to lush green forests here! The UAE has a mild winter (temperatures between 16°C - 25°C), hot summers (temperatures between 35°C - 45°C), and warm springs and autumns.

variety of Locations in the Middle East

The country’s location in the middle east makes it an ideal place to shoot films with a Middle Eastern feel — but its diversity means that filmmakers will find something for any story they want to tell.

With production costs lower than in other major cities like London or New York City and plenty of sunshine throughout the year, filming in Dubai can be very cost-effective while still allowing you to capture everything you need on camera!

3. A Well-established Film Production Infrastructure

The UAE has a well-established film production infrastructure. Film studios, soundstages, and other facilities are available in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It can be a significant advantage for filmmakers who want to shoot their scenes on location in these cities.

Well-established Film Production Infrastructure

The country is rapidly transforming into one of the most important economic powers in Southeast Asia, and its booming economy is attracting a lot of foreign production houses and investors from all over the world.

4. The Most Innovative Technology

UAE is where some of the most advanced, innovative, and updated technologies are being developed, tested, and used. So it’s no wonder many filmmakers choose to shoot their films in this country.

Most Innovative Technology

Additionally, the country has some of the best sound technology available. Films like Marvel’s Black Panther have been shot here because these productions require excellent sound design and mixing capabilities. You could use some of the best audio equipment when filming your next movie or TV show in Dubai!

5. A Pool of Experienced Crew Members

The UAE has an extensive pool of experienced crew members who can help you with whatever aspect of production you need assistance with: directing actors; producing your film; editing the footage into a cohesive narrative; designing special effects; shooting B-roll (behind-the-scenes footage) for use during post-production and much more!

Experienced Crew Members

The best part about working with UAE-based professionals is that they will be more than willing to assist you with pre-production and post-production activities without charging additional fees.

6. Famous Tourist Attractions

If you are looking to film in an exotic location or have a storyline that needs a specific location in the backdrop, the United Arab Emirates is a place for you. With its cultural landscape and breathtaking skylines, it has some of the world’s most famous tourist attractions and local spots, perfect for catering to diverse needs of filmmaking.

burj khalifa

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is currently ranked as the tallest building on Earth. It also houses other attractions like Aquaventure Waterpark and Dubai indoor ski resort!

7. Generous Government Incentives for Production Companies

The UAE offers generous government incentives for production companies. The UAE Film Commission is the primary agency that helps filmmakers plan and produce their films in the UAE. This government agency provides a complete list of all the government incentives available to filmmakers.

8. Cost-Effectiveness and a Quality Choice for Filmmaking

The UAE also offers many different locations to shoot your scenes. You can choose from desert to beachside to spectacular cityscapes. In all cases, the weather will be milder than most other locations while still providing plenty of natural light for your project.

Best Destination for Filming

What makes the UAE an ideal location for filming is that you can find everything you need here: stunning locations, exotic customs, modern architecture, and comfortable hotels, as well as low costs compared to other countries such as China or India, which are known among filmmakers as cheap but not necessarily qualitative ones!

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How to Get a Film Permit in the UAE?

Film permits are required in the UAE for all film and TV productions, advertisements, and photography shoots.

If you're planning on filming in the UAE, check out our guide on getting a film permit in UAE. It will help ensure you don't encounter any problems during your production shoot.

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