Why UAE Is One of the Most Desirable Places to Film In

1 Sep


Why UAE Is One of the Most Desirable Places to Film In

No matter if it’s an action scene that includes jumping from Burj Khalifa or Abu Dhabi’s desert Star Wars scene, the UAE has put itself on the filmmaking map strongly. A serious number of both Hollywood and Bollywood movies are shot here each year.

And the reason is very obvious — the UAE has an amazing combination of beautiful and epic city landscapes, the advantage of easy access, the highest tech and infrastructure, a breathtaking natural landscape and easy to get shooting permits in UAE.

From rolling dunes and towering mountains to crystal blue waters lapping against white-sand beaches, this seven-state oasis has something special to offer filmmakers. In this blog post, we will dive into some of those amazing benefits and why it's increasingly becoming an attractive spot for people involved in filmmaking from all over the world. Read on!

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The Beauties of The Emirates

Taking a movie shoot to the UAE is an unmissable opportunity to capture stunning natural beauty. Seven emirates make up this region, each offering spectacular sights for you to explore. With beautiful beaches, bustling cities, and awesome architecture from centuries past, your audience will be inspired by all that the UAE offers. 

Join us on this journey through the unique landscapes of the Emirates for unforgettable footage that captures the diverse wonders of nature in all its glory!

1. Abu Dhabi

The city and emirate of Abu Dhabi are famous and world-known for its stunning island and awesome theme parks! From the Capital Gate to Qasr al Watan, Abu Dhabi has one of the most beautiful architectural landmarks in the world! But aside from the architecture, just outside of Abu Dhabi is a beautiful and even more breathtaking desert! 

places to film in Abu Dhabi

2. Dubai

Much like Abu Dhabi, Dubai is a place of wonder of its own. The Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab are structures you can look at the whole day long. But aside from the famous city landmarks and mosques, Dubai’s wild side will offer you the action set for the next car racing scene — Dubai’s Autodrome!

places to film in Dubai

3. Sharjah

The emirate of Sharjah offers wondrous beauties on its own! Aside from the amazing city scene, the Sharjah emirate takes great pride in natural beauties with pristine waters and scuba diving places, a natural mountain conservation center, botanical gardens, and dunes so big you can ski on them! 

places to film in Sharjah

4. Ajman

The city center of Ajman is a beautiful show of tradition and beauty of the new coming together! The beaches of Ajman or the Etisalat tower with its mosque-style design are perfect venues for your next movie. 

places to film in Ajman

5. Umm-Al Quwain

Now here’s an emirate with beautiful military scenery! The Al Sinniyah Island is an awesome place that features beaches of mangroves and sand — perfect for the next big castaway hit! 11 km from the city center is an abandoned Russian cargo plane IL-76, which serves as a perfect areal base scenery. The old town of Falaj AL Mualla built in the 19th century is ideal for historical movie shootings! 

places to visit in Umm-Al Quwain

6. Ras Al Khaimah

Now here’s an emirate full of natural beauties for your big adventure motion picture! This emirate is home to beautiful Jebel Jais — the highest peak in the UAE, with awesome sunsets and sunrise scenery. Jazirat AL Hamra is a small village that still resembles the lifestyle before the discovery of oil and the economic boom. And as the cherry on top, you have the Hajar Mountains — a majestic backdrop to the beauty of this emirate! 

places to film in Ras Al Khaimah

7. Fujairah

And finally, the Fujairah emirate — the place where old and the new come together, where nature shows its full beauty! Located just outside the center is the oldest fort of UAE, the Fujairah Fort, and a Village. In front of the city center is the famous Snoopy Island, famous for watersport activities and music festivals. Fujairah is filled with historical places, forts, and castles, and Al Bidyah Mosque and Bithnah Fort are just a couple of worthy mentions for the historical epic! 

places to film in Fujairah

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UAE is surely the next big movie scene country, and there’s every reason you should come and shoot your next big project here. With its stunning coastlines, mesmerizing dunes, and fairy-tale desert oases, the United Arab Emirates is the ultimate haven for filmmakers. 

From the glitzy cityscape of Dubai to the traditional charm of Sharjah's old souks, these seven emirates offer a myriad of locations ideal for capturing breathtaking visuals. Not to mention starting with tried-and-true mise-en-scène like skyscrapers -- adding that extra cinematic touch. The UAE also has world-class infrastructure, making it easy to transport lighting equipment and camera crews while offering extended visa requirements and tax incentives. It's no wonder more and more productions are drawn to this fairytale landscape each year!

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