UAE Film Permit FAQs: Your Most Common Questions Answered

5 Feb


UAE Film Permit FAQs: Your Most Common Questions Answered

Exploring the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through the lens reveals a mesmerising blend of contemporary and traditional elements, which has positioned it as a highly coveted location for filmmakers globally. Embarking on your journey to capture its breathtaking scenery and dynamic culture on film, it is imperative to master the intricacies of acquiring a filming permit. This all-encompassing manual will lead you through the necessary procedures for obtaining a filming permit in the UAE, guaranteeing both legal adherence and artistic triumph in your production.

What Is a Film Permit? 

A film permit serves as an authorised certificate granting permission to conduct filming in a designated area. Within the jurisdiction of Abu Dhabi, the issuance of a film permit is the responsibility of the Abu Dhabi Film Commission (ADFC), and it is obligatory for all filming endeavours in this region.

Why Do You Need It in the UAE? 

A filming permit is a formal endorsement allowing you to capture scenes within the nation, guaranteeing adherence to local statutes and norms. Operating without such authorization can lead to legal entanglements, monetary penalties, and the potential confiscation of your filming equipment. Multiple factors underpin the necessity of this permit.

First and foremost, it assures security and safety, ensuring the well-being of your crew during shooting, which is one of the compelling reasons why many in the industry prefer to work in this locale. Moreover, the local sector boasts a pool of skilled professionals who can facilitate the smooth operation of your production.

What Is the Dubai Film and TV Commission and Why Was It Established?

The establishment of the Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) was formalised through Executive Decree No.16 in May 2012 — an initiative led by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai. The entity is entrusted with the mission of fostering a thriving media production environment in Dubai while positioning the city as a prime destination for filming and production in the global film and television industry!

Serving as a pivotal facilitator, the Commission operates as a one-stop destination for producers, film crews, and filmmakers, streamlining the filming process in Dubai, thus ensuring efficiency and ease in the production carried out within the emirate.

How Can You Obtain a UAE Film Permit? 

To produce a film in the UAE, securing a film permit is a mandatory step. Similar to most nations, governmental approval is a prerequisite before commencing any filming activities. This regulation ensures that the authorities are aware of and can manage filmmaking within their borders to maintain order and prevent potential issues.

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What Are the Costs of Obtaining a UAE Film Permit? 

The expenses associated with securing a film permit are determined by the duration of your project and the nature of your filming activities.

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How Long Does It Take To Obtain a UAE Film Permit?

Getting particulars sorted in advance is crucial to prevent any permit acquisition delays. Under normal circumstances, the approval process can typically be completed within 3 to 4 business days if all goes smoothly.

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What Paperwork Do You Need To Obtain a UAE Film Permit? 

When planning to create a film in the UAE, your initial action is to seek a permit. Following this, you should submit your application, along with the requisite documentation, which should encompass the following elements:

  • A script elucidating the narrative or concept of your production.
  • A storyboard illustrating every scene and sequence of shots.
  • A comprehensive roster of all crew members participating in the filming, inclusive of their passport information and visa status.

How To Lower the Price of Obtaining a UAE Film Permit? 

When embarking on a film project in the UAE, it is highly advisable to engage the services of a reputable film permit company to assist with the process. A proficient company will possess an intricate understanding of the intricacies involved in obtaining a permit, ultimately saving you both time and money.

Several strategies can help mitigate your costs:

  • Develop a Precise Budget: Accurately estimating the expenses associated with shooting in the UAE is paramount. A comprehensive budget that covers everything from catering to transportation costs will help prevent unexpected financial challenges during your project.
  • Create Elaborate Schedules: Detailed schedules outlining the days and times for various activities on set, including filming, are crucial. This information may be necessary when applying for permits or location approvals.
  • Script Approval Page-by-Page: Ensure every page of your script receives approval before moving on to the next section. This approach helps avoid surprises and facilitates smooth approval processes with local authorities. For instance, proactive communication with nearby police officers can preempt any concerns related to safety or the lack of necessary documentation, potentially preventing disruptions during filming.

Are There Any Restrictions When It Comes To Filming in the UAE?

There are rules and regulations for filming at certain special locations. For example, to shoot footage within the airport, a legitimate justification is imperative. If you are a traveller capturing personal moments with your camera or phone, this can be deemed a valid reason. Conversely, if your filming serves commercial objectives, obtaining the requisite approvals becomes a mandatory step.

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Can I Obtain a UAE Film Permit Both as an Individual and a Company?

Yes, both individuals and companies can obtain film permits in the UAE. Whether you are an independent filmmaker or a production company, you can apply for the necessary film permits. The specific requirements and processes for obtaining your permit may vary — depending on your status as an individual or a company. Get yourself a reliable partner who can guide you through the process based on your specific situation.

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