Benefits Of Employing a UAE-licensed Partner To Obtain Filming Permit

1 Sep


Benefits Of Employing a UAE-licensed Partner To Obtain Filming Permit

Government regulations mandate that any filming activity in Dubai requires shooting authorization, whether it's on public, government-operated, or private property. Only companies licensed in the United Arab Emirates can apply for and get these permits, so if you don't fall under this category, you'll need to outsource your permit application to a UAE-licensed company!

Some companies will only apply for permits if one of their staff members is allowed to be present at the site, as these companies are held accountable for any regulatory or related issues that may arise during the filming. Having a representative on location helps minimise the likelihood of these issues.

The DFTC aims to grant shooting licences within five working days from the date of application. In most cases, the application process is done online. If the whole process is expected to take longer than five working days, the DFTC will usually inform the applying company. Sometimes the bottlenecks will be public holidays, which you need to be mindful of! 

The five working days timeline applies to non-scripted shoots. If you're filming a movie or TV series with a script, this can take up to 25 working days to process.


The cost of a filming licence is determined by factors such as the type of shoot, location, and duration. All approval applications begin with a payment of 500 dirhams (approximately US $137) as an application fee to the DFTC. If the application is successful, the following costs apply to public areas. For private locations, the fee can range from no charge to a maximum fee of 25,000 dirhams (about US $6,850) per day.

To provide instances of how fees for private locations vary: if you are filming an interview and B-roll footage in your client's Dubai office, there will be no location fee. For filming at iconic places like the Burj Khalifa or one of Dubai's shopping malls, there will typically be a location fee. Private locations that charge permission fees may also impose additional fees for security, cleaning, or other services.

The company responsible for applying for permit and obtaining the permit may also impose an application handling fee, which varies from one company to another.

Details Required For Application

To facilitate your application process, the company you engage will require the following information:

  • Your company details: Name, address, website address, and contact number
  • List of individuals participating in the shoot, along with scanned copies of their passports
  • Shoot specifics: Purpose, intended content, and a description of what will be filmed

In addition, you will need to provide a "No Objection Certificate," which is a letter on your company's letterhead confirming your consent for the UAE-licensed company to apply for the permit on your behalf and stating that your company has no objections to the shoot being carried out by the UAE-licensed company.

Once you have supplied the aforementioned information and the No Objection Certificate, the UAE-licensed company will proceed with applying. The permit is usually issued in five business days!

It is advisable to review the conditions and terms beforehand. 

How Film Permit Helps

Having a trustworthy partner to help you obtain permits and approvals is priceless! The film permit agency plays a crucial role in simplifying the process of acquiring a permit. We offer invaluable assistance to production companies by facilitating the required permits and approvals for filming within the country, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. 

Working with a film permit agency not only saves time and energy but also guarantees that all necessary permits and approvals are obtained before commencing any filming activities in the UAE.

Our Process is Simple

If you're preparing for your next filming venture in Dubai and require professional guidance and support, our film permit agency is ready to lend a hand. Our user-friendly online platform has simplified the process of obtaining a UAE Film Permit, making it more convenient than ever before. You can apply for your permit in three straightforward steps:

  1. Register on our website and create your personalised profile.
  2. Complete the online application form and upload essential documents such as your script.
  3. Make the necessary fee payment online, and within five days, you'll receive your permit.

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Start your journey today by applying for your UAE Film Permit and turn your cinematic aspirations into a reality!

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Employing a UAE-licensed company to handle your permit application brings numerous benefits. The government regulations in Dubai require shooting authorization for any filming activity, and only licensed companies can apply for and obtain these permits. 

By outsourcing your permit application, you ensure compliance and avoid any regulatory issues. The application process is streamlined and can typically be completed within five working days. The cost of the filming licence varies based on factors such as shoot type, location, and duration. 

Working with a film permit agency saves time, guarantees approvals, and allows you to explore the stunning locations the UAE has to offer. Start your application today with UAEFilmPermit and make your filmmaking dreams a reality!